If you’re feeling a little draggy and laggy these days you probably aren’t alone. The start of 2017 has been heavy – emotionally, socially and politically. And it’s also been grey and dreary. In January there were only 50 hours of sunlight in Toronto. Environment Canada says the annual average is usually around 85 hours.

That might have made an unfortunate dent on your resolutions and plans to be the “best possible you” this year. But don’t be too hard on yourself.  The key to a well-balanced life is just that, balance. There are going to be days when you find it easier to eat well, workout hard, stay focused and get everything done. And there will also be days when, well, you don’t. And that’s okay too.

A good way to help you feel less guilty about the occasional cookie or carb spree is the 80-20 rule. For every 80 percent of things you do to benefit your health and well being, use the remaining 20 percent to indulge or treat yourself. And if you feel like taking things a bit slower, don’t beat yourself up. Go with it. Enjoy a long bubble bath, a leisurely walk or just lazing on the couch.

If you need to relax and restore, Framewrk has the remedy – Shehla Kahn‘s Yin Restorative on Sunday afternoon or Tara Good's new Candlelit Yin on Wednesday night with hands-on energy work and Reiki. For a more active recharge and rebalance by getting you moving try Sara' Moncreiff’s Vinyasa Flow or Soulfull Flow. To step up in the strengthening, toning and mobility there are Alwynn Taylor and Jessica Yan's Pilates Flow or Josephine Cuthill’s Essentrics classes – and the Barre versions are an extra kick in the pants. For an all-out workout that will pump your blood and make you sweat Alana Bentham's Core Express or Bottom to the Top and Joe Tarulli’s Morning Fling and A Game (now on Wednesday AND Fridays at noon) are intense, rewarding and a challenging way to beat the blahs away.

However you’re feeling, at Framewrk there’s a range of movement classes to keep you active in 2017. And just a little bit of movement can go a long way to helping you feel like yourself again despite the grey days.  According to the American Psychological Association, given the power of exercise as a mood elevator, there’s a movement to integrate exercise into counseling practices. Michael Otto, a professor of psychology at Boston University says that even five minutes of moderate exercise is enough to feel the effects.

And if you follow the seasonal predictions of rodents, you’ll be pleased to know that Wiarton Willie, our regional groundhog, has predicted an early spring. So hang in there - the sun will be shining again soon.