The growing popularity of living in downtown east Toronto neighbourhoods like Leslieville, Riverside, Corktown and the Distillery District has been an opportunity to new businesses and services from restaurants and boutiques to hair salons and fitness studios. At framewrk Studio we’re incredibly excited to be part of this transformation. And we’re also thrilled to be helping people transform their bodies and improve their overall wellbeing with our unique functional fitness workouts.

Because your body is the framework of your life, we’re focused on innovative, integrated movement to balance your day-to-day life and improve your athletic advantage.  Framewrk offers functional fitness classes like Essentrics, Pilates and Strength Training as well as mindful movement practices like Yoga,  Meditation and Restorative Yin Yoga in a bright, beautiful studio with expert instructors who will challenge, motivate, nurture and support your health and wellness.

We realize not everybody likes traditional gyms, crossfit and other more extreme fitness workouts. Clients who want to challenge some of the traditional ideas of fitness will find something to inspire them here. But even if maximum sweat and intensity are part of your main physical activity, you’ll still benefit from our innovative, strengthening, toning and restorative practices and you’ll see more gains from your high-intensity training. Because when your body is strong and flexible, you’re poised to live a more balanced life.

Framewrk was created when a Leslieville fitness studio closed its doors in June. Fitness instructors wanted to offer a new place for their clients to continue with them and the search for the right space began. Housed in a sun-drenched former photography space at 9 Davies Avenue, our boutique-style studio is just steps from Queen and Broadview. And with a maximum class size of 20, you’ll get focused attention to ensure you’re working out safely and efficiently.

We are committed to sourcing locally, purchasing sustainable products, using non-toxic fair trade and ethically produced products in our fitness studio. Additionally we’re planning to offer workshops on wellness, nutrition and practices to support a better, more balanced life.