Jackie Sharpe is a certified Pilates instructor who teaches both Framewrk Core and Pilates at Framewrk. Jackie’s classes are intended to bring us in touch with our breath and bring calm, focused intensity to movement and core function. She believes movement can help us better connect to the mechanics of our bodies, allowing us to move mindfully, avoid injuries and fix the imbalances in our frame all while giving us time to focus on ourselves and help manage our overwhelming modern lives. Jackie’s incredible cues allow students to be in the moment, the movement and stay in the bodies. Expect to hear how and why the work you do in class will benefit your life. She is fun, open and encourages questions and feedback in and out of the class. Jackie’s classes are challenging but she offers modifications and progressions so students can track their progress. Even while working you hard you’ll find her energy light, the class fresh and you’ll always feel accounted for. 

Jackie never imagined she would become a movement instructor. She had such chronic pain in her joints due to sports related injuries that she was on crutches in her 20's. Given Jackie’s wealth of knowledge and experience it’s shocking to find out she didn’t discover Pilates until her mid 30's after the birth of her first child!