Jeff joins the Framewrk family to teach Essentrics, which he considers the nuts, bolts and welds  of the body. After suffering from chronic back pain, the Essentrics workout changed his life and he considers it the one exercise program that enhances every aspect of your daily life without any negative impacts. Whether it’s sitting at your desk, sleeping, athletic training or participating in your favourite sport, it will help you enjoy your life by realigning your body.

Expect a relaxed class with a lot of detailed instructions to ensure you have full body awareness and challenge yourself. And afterwards you’ll feel both refreshed and stronger.

In addition to ensuring your body and posture are aligned to optimize movement, Jeff has also been known to rearrange weights, blocks, mats and other exercise gear so everything is stacked and lined up perfectly. He also isn’t too proud to admit his nightly bedtime ritual is eating a whole bag of chips or popcorn.