We believe that strong, flexible and balanced bodies provide the ideal framework for a well-lived life. Our mission is to provide innovative and effective classes, to make fitness and mindfulness exciting, challenging and transforming and to bring people together through movement.

FRAMEWRK classes are unique, fun, intelligent and creative to challenge traditional ideas of fitness. By offering a range of movement practices and techniques to help you tone, strengthen, build flexibility and rehabilitate your body, you’ll achieve amazing results and improve your physical and mental health, as well as your endurance and resilience.

Let us change the way you move to change the way you think and feel.



When we have a strong, solid framework, we have the foundation to build great lives. The results enrich us and the communities where we live. In addition to our daily classes, we offer workshops on nutrition and alternative health practices. And we’re open to new ideas and concepts in health and wellness.

We’ve also done our best to source ethical and non-toxic equipment. Because we want to be part of a better world, we took the time to find the best fair-trade, sustainable and, where possible, locally-made products. 

We invite our members to become a real part of this community by engaging with each other, sharing their stories and encouraging each other through a lot of laughter and zero judgment. There are some incredible people taking classes in the studio. From artists to entrepreneurs, the Framewrk community is both inspired and inspiring. And because we’re about connection, we’ve created a space for our members to get to know one-another.

If you have a story of health and fitness, or you’d like us to profile your work or business, let us know. We’d love to introduce you to the community.